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A Boutique Inn and Restaurant

The Restaurant at Four Eleven York is a marriage of modern design with a rustic, homey feel. The large front windows draw in natural light during the day giving the the air a certain lightness. After sunset, evenings transform the restaurant into an intimate space alive with the glow of candlelight. The atmosphere creates a quality of comfort and conviviality that leaves one in a state of complete contentment.

The menu’s focus on fresh, local fare excites the palette. There is something here to please everyone, all of which can also be enjoyed on the patio. The bar is an eclectic mix of beer, wine, spirits, and over a dozen specialty cocktails. Our signature cocktail is the Bartender’s Experience, a personalized drink tailored to each guest based on answers to a few questions. The experience at Four Eleven York is the epitome of niche in Norfolk. An experience that welcomes those looking for a sense of luxurious comfort that appeals to all the senses.

Built in the 1890s, the Boutique Inn at Four Eleven York has become a labor of love after more than a year of renovations.   The Inn, nestled in the Freemason District of Norfolk, VA, offers an experience in sophistication and comfort to guests looking for something unique from the typical hotel stay.

While the Inn has been carried forward into the 21st century with fresh, modern designs that mirror the restaurant next door, small tributes have been left intact to honor the building’s historic presence. One of the first things you’ll notice are the beaded chandeliers beckoning guests into the downstairs sitting rooms. The original pocket doors that separate the spaces to offer privacy or the space for a cocktail party. The hardwood floors have been refinished and are ready to host guests for another epoch. A magnificent skylight beams down from the top of the third floor, gloriously lit by the sun during the day and gently illuminated by the moon and stars at nightfall.

Each room is an unprecedented innovation in luxury, each of which features upscale accents, including private baths with heated floors outfitted with 10 inch HansGrohe rain shower-heads, infused with air to feel like rain dancing on the skin. Three of the suites offer mattresses manufactured by Paramount Sleep, bringing guests the highest quality of sleep. The Magnolia Suite, the Inn’s bridal suite, features a special Paramount Sleep Mattress called Hypnos, luxury fit for a queen (quite literally!). Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated weekend retreat, or an intimate venue for your next social engagement, the staff at Four Eleven York is ready to make your visit a memorable one.